Who We Are

The mission of Stilwell's Learning Center LLC is to make a positive difference for children, teens, and adults who struggle with reading or math. Our company is recognized for excellence and genuine care toward our clients and the communities we serve.

Our Vision

We provide personalized math and reading tutoring at the neurological level to stimulate brain activity with proven results and long-term retention.

Teacher Recommendation


As a state certified reading specialist of over 30 years, I have seen many reading programs come and go. During my teaching career, Expressways to Reading® used by Stilwell's Learning Center LLC, has been my mainstay. I know of no other program that is able to progress a student faster with long-term retention. It really does rewire the brain in such a unique manner. The auditory integration coupled with the phonetic sequencing is like none other. Remarkable and timeless!

A minimum of one year’s reading growth in 16 weeks is a typical result I have found in my students over the years. We have seen changed lives in all age and cognitive categories.

My special education students grew twice as fast than in public school programs.

Grace McMullin


A frustrated 9th grader reading below a 4th grade level began working with Stilwell's Learning Center LLC. Four weeks later he was already reading at higher levels of accuracy. 

After just three months, John went from D’s and F’s to B’s and C’s.

A former student from twenty-five years ago values the training he received as life-changing. He now has a wonderful family and a great career.

After two years, a special education student rose to the top of his class in general education courses.

A 15-year-old boy scored a 6th grade level when pre-tested in reading. After only five weeks, he tested at 10th grade in both reading and comprehension.

A 5th grade girl spent twenty minutes on reading, twenty minutes on math, and twenty minutes on a vocabulary program every session. After about twenty hours, she advanced approximately a year in reading, comprehension, and math.

A 13-year-old home schooler starting at a 5th grade level in reading advanced to a 10th grade level in three months.

We Get Results

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